Microsoft Hardware Video Communication Vision

Research | Wireframe | Interaction Design | Visual Design

Project Info

The following vision concept design was aimed to explore new ways of video communication ecosystem that could exist in the near future, including touch and multi-touch UX and UI explorations. The scenario is based on family consumers. It walks the viewers of the video through the stages, starting from ordering the product from the Microsoft Hardware website, to receiving it, opening the box, and finally, to installing the device. The presentation explores first time use of the device, creating a new video messages account, sending the first video message, video chatting, finding people and receiving or replying to video messages.

I led the user experience design effort for video messaging portal and created user flows, wireframes and high fidelity mockups. The final result of this exploration was resolved into creating a video that was showcased to a wide leadership auditory. The concept was very well-received by our stakeholders and served as the inspiration for a number of concepts that made it into future design patterns and products.


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